Thank you for registering your interest in our Express Check in service for your upcoming stay at Wyndham Surfers Paradise.

What is Express Check-In?

This service allows you to pre-register your credit card details for your upcoming & future reservations. You must use a current valid credit card that is in the names of the primary owner/s on your account.

Once registration is successful all you need to do is simply collect your keys upon arrival at the property on your next reservation and start relaxing!

Please follow the below steps to complete your registration:

Step 1

Please enter your owner number...

Step 2

By clicking the check box you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions of the Express check In service

Terms and Conditions for Express Check-In

By confirming to opt into the Express Check-In you acknowledge and agree to the following:

Conditions of stay
  1. Express Check-In program registration and terms will be applicable to all future reservations commencing 24hours or more after completed registration with the Express Check-in program.
  2. Express Check-In is only possible where registration records include a current valid credit card.
  3. As the primary Owner you will be personally responsible for any and all costs or charges incurred to the room accounts during the period covered by this registration card and for any period that you may extend your stay by and acknowledge that the resort and affiliates may exercise its rights to pursue outstanding amounts, including by way of debiting any outstanding amounts to the credit card provided on registration.
  4. You will be held personally liable for any damage done to the property by either yourself or any of your guests and that the resort is neither responsible nor liable for any motor vehicle parked in the car park or any articles left in the resort room.
  5. All credit card settlements will attract a 0.9% transaction fee.
  6. You will at all times comply with the Resort Bylaws/Guidelines and the Club Guidelines and Regulations.
  7. It is your duty to advise Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific ("Wyndham") of any changes to the credit card details provided for your Express Check-In and of any changes to the status of your Ownership, which may affect your Express Check-In registration. In consideration of this clause, you indemnify Wyndham, their officers, directors, shareholders, employees and agents for any charges incurred for failure to do so.
  8. You understand the Express Check-in service is only currently available at Wyndham Surfers Paradise

Wyndham, in handling your information, will:

  1. comply with all relevant laws, including but not limited to, the Privacy Act; and
  2. comply with the Australian Privacy Principles ("APPs") regarding any Personal Information collected, received, held, disclosed, or in any way dealt with under this agreement.

Wyndham warrants that it will:

  1. Only handle your Personal Information for the purposes of all future reservations;
  2. Carry out and discharge the obligations contained in the APPs as if it were an APP entity under the Privacy Act 1988;
  3. Not do any act or engage in any practice which, if done by an APP entity, would constitute a breach of the APPs;
  4. Notify you immediately if it becomes aware of any breach or possible breach of the APPs;

Wyndham further warrants that:

  1. It has a privacy policy that is clear, easily accessible and made available to the public on all active websites, and which specifies the use and disclosure of Personal Information including to third parties and meets the legally required wording for privacy compliance;
  2. It has internal policies and procedures to ensure practical compliance with the APPs;
  3. Personal Information collected from you is done in a manner consistent with the collection requirements of the APPs;
  4. It will keep a copy of your consent indefinitely or until such time as you withdraw your consent;
  5. It will manage your Personal Information effectively, ensuring that no more Personal Information is collected than is necessary, and that if no longer needed, it is destroyed or de-identified;
  6. It will respect your legal rights, including under the Spam Act 2003, and to provide you with an opportunity to opt-out of receiving direct marketing communications, to access, update, correct or delete their information, and to complain about how their Personal Information is handled; and
  7. It will implement reasonable security measures, such as user authentication security on computer hardware and software applications, and other procedures to help protect Personal Information from misuse, interference and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Wyndham's full privacy policy is available at www.wyndhamap.com/privacy-policy or is available by sending a request to the Privacy Officer at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific, PO Box 7493, Gold Coast MC QLD 9726.

Step 3

Complete the below fields with a valid credit card. This Card will be used as a guarantee on all future bookings and must be in the name of the primary names on the ownership account.

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